Please remember that Year two parents who want their child to attend Sunnymede Junior School in Year 3 must formally apply for a place through Essex County Council. Please see details in the policy below.

The closing date to apply for  a Y3 place for entry in September 2023 is 15th January 2023, with offers of places being made on 17th April 2023.

Admissions Policy  2023-2024​

Admissions Policy  2022-2023​

​Admissions Policy for 2021-22​

Link to Essex County Council Schools Admissions Page​

 Appeals Infirmation and Timetable​

Essex South Primary Admission Policies Directory  2022-2023​

Mid-Year application form for Sunnymede Jnuior SChool (WORD version)

Mid-Year application form for Sunnymede Junior School (PDF version)

Essex Determined Admissions Arrangements for Junior School 2022-2023

Essex Determined Admissions Arranements for Junior School  2023-2024

Mid-Year application for a school place at Sunnymede Junior School

For Year 2 parents applying for a place to start in September, applications should be made via Essex County Council. 

All other applications can be made using the form below. 


To establish whether you live in the school's priority admission area, please use the tool: 

 ‘Priority admission (catchment) area finder 

Please watch this video if you are the parent of a Year 2 child and have not been offered a place at your 'preferred' school for Year 3 entry in September.